Die Cut Labels 50x25mm

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Vinyl Die Cut Labels……Strong and Durable!

Print 50x25mm vinyl die cut labels on yellow, white, red, light blue, orange and green. Each roll contains 1250 printable labels. Vinyl die cut labels, printed with Thermal Printer Ribbon, result in an industrial printed label that lasts 4 to 5 years in external Northern European conditions.

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Why use Vinyl Die Cut Labels?

Vinyl Die Cut Labels are resistant to mineral oils, fats and fuels, aliphatic solvents, mild acids, salt and alkali for e.g. diesel oil, gasoline, paraffin, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, soap suds etc. Paper labels are no match!

They can be used for labelling inventory, shelving, colour-coded dates, hazards, and PAT testing.

Remember to check your Thermal Resin Ribbon supplies for your printer when ordering Die Cut labels!

Print any type of 50x25mm label using LabelBug’s Die Cut Labels on a roll. These high quality labels are printed direct from the software and pre-defined templates supplied with our LabelBug-PRO printer. Save on your in-house labelling costs long-term. You can print vinyl die cut labels from the LabelBug-PRO within minutes.

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