LabelBug Printer Cable Tag Rolls – 75 x 15mm

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75mm Width x 15mm Height Cable Tags for LabelBug Printers come in Yellow or White rolls of 1000 each. We provide standard cable tags templates with all LABELBUG-Printers making it easy to print large volumes of cable tags in minutes. All our cable tags are industrial strength.


Our LABELBUG-Printer Cable Tags rolls are made from zero halogen and flame retardent material. Each roll contains 1000 printable Cable Tags for the LabelBug Printers.

Businesses with high volume, fast turnaround cable tag requirements may find it more efficient to have their own printing hardware. The LABELBUG-ELEC Industrial Cable labelling printer is ideal for electrical marking solution.

Each LabelBug Printer comes with pre-defined templates, so printing large volumes of Cable Tags from these desktop printers is a breeze. You just link your own data.

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