Hospitality signage includes more than just your logo and branding, it needs to convey a variety of different messages to everyone about the locations of facilities throughout the premises.

This includes toilet signage, wayfinding signs for lifts and stairs, and warning guests and staff about hazards in public and private buildings, such as hot water warning signs, electrical safety signs, and prohibited areas.

With the help of Lucas Products And Services, your hospitality signage can remain on-band while still providing the necessary information for the perfect customer experience.

Our skilled staff can design and manufacture eye catching signs for your rooms, your restaurants, and any safety signs you might need, incorporating your colours and personality into every piece.

What Signage Do I Need?

The hospitality sector has certain signage that must be displayed on all hotel, bar, and restaurant premises. These signs help customers have a positive experience and ensure that their health and safety is accounted for at all times and include:

Wayfinding signs: Having engraved plaques for wayfinding signs will help your customers and clients navigate your establishment easily and effectively. Our designers will deliver high-quality engraved plaques using brass, bronze, or stainless steel to match the look and feel of your company. We can use colour or keep the plaques plain to suit your business needs.

Traffolyte tags for keys: A hotel needs to have clearly labelled keys for guests and staff. Lucas Products And Services uses high-end laser engraving machines to permanently mark data onto these traffolyte tags, whether you need room keys, keys for service staff, or keys for areas that are off-limits for guests. We provide a variety of colours to match your logo, branding, or colour-coding system.

Toilet signage for communal areas: When guests and employees are out and about in your hotel building, bar, or restaurant, they will need to know where the restrooms are, so you will need clear and easy-to-read signage. The internal toilet signage should include directions for washing and drying hands, where the waste should be disposed of, and if there is hand sanitiser available for customer use.

Duct markers for the kitchen: Any kitchen in the hospitality industry must have safety and warning signs, and this includes duct markers for HVAC, plumbing or ventilation meeting with British 1710 standards, and all regulating bodies. At Lucas, we custom-design triangular duct pipe labels that are resistant to temperatures from approximately -40°C to 82°C and follow the colour-coding regulations.

Custom signage: Other than the mandated signs needed to meet regulations, you will need custom signage to promote your hotel, bar or restaurant. This can include signs showcasing your logo and branding in the foyer of hotels, personalised sandwich boards that highlight special offers in your restaurant, glow signs for outdoor use in areas that are used at night, and window graphic signage to advertise specials for your bar.

Door signage: Engraved plaques for your doors will not only help customers to navigate your establishment, but with Lucas Products And Services’ professional designs, you can enhance your reputation and instil a sense of trust in your brand. We make use of stainless steel, brass, and bronze and offer a wide range of colours to infill your designs with to make your signs stand out.

Why Choose Lucas Products And Services?

Lucas Products And Services has years of experience working with clients in the hospitality industry to deliver signs for a variety of unique needs.

Our expert craftsmen can guide you on what signs you need for your business, providing help with design, font, and colours creating the right ambience you need and placing you at the forefront of your industry.

We offer a cost-effective solution that will meet and exceed your expectations and that will comply with all relevant regulations in the industry. Our team provide exceptional service and can work with tight deadlines and even the most unique customised signage needs.

Speak to an advisor today for great advice and an affordable quote.

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