Engraved Brass Plates & Plaques

Brass plate engraving is a great way to add personalised details and uniqueness to your products, gifts,  memorial plaques, signs, nameplates and tags. Add a touch of professionalism and elegance with Lucas high quality engraved brass nameplates. Your engraved items are sure to stand out with the brass plaque exquisite gold-like tone. Our brass nameplates are available in 6 different sizes. They also come with diverse fixing options including screws (used on the 2-4 holes), rivets and self-adhesive backing. The fixings are covered in the cost of the plate.


Why Choose Brass Plaques and Plates

Brass is one of the most commonly used metal when it comes to mechanical engraving. It is an excellent choice for making nameplates and plaques because of these qualities;

  • Brass is available in bright, satin, regular and lacquer coated finish
  • Brass is malleable and durable
  • It has a high melting point and can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Has golden like decorative and appealing colour
  • Resistance to tarnish, abrasion, corrosion and rust
  • It is versatile and can be used in different settings

Uses of Brass Nameplates and Plaques

  • Commemorative plaques
  • Awards
  • Brand plates
  • Special metal portraits
  • Picture frames
  • Badges
  • Pet tags
  • House plaques
  • Nameplates
  • Wall plaques

Why choose Lucas Products and Services

We have over two decades of experience: the best in engraving. Our goal is to make products that meet our customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on excellent workmanship with quality control for all the customer order, no matter the size or shape of their project. We believe you’ll find us a diamond in the rough when it comes to customer service from start-to-finish because every order includes a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, and our glowing reviews tell it all!


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