When most people think of dental practices, they picture a bland waiting room with a few magazines and possibly a fish tank. With the help of Lucas Products And Services, you can change the image of your dental surgery into one that is engaging and encouraging, especially for your younger patients.

Wayfinding signage and door signage can help to reduce patient anxiety and instil trust in dental practices. Our graphic designers will work with you to create the perfect design for your waiting rooms, dental surgery, and all required signage for health and safety.

Once you have created the perfect logo or text, our skilled engravers engrave it onto the signage with precision, using only the latest engraving technologies.

Why Dental Branding Is Important

Dental surgeries need to establish their brand to improve the patient experience and to stand out against the competition. Branding is the face of all dental practices, and because many people do not understand dentistry, you need your branding and signage to help them.

New patients will also look at your branding carefully when choosing a dentist. You need to make a positive first impression on them so they will continue to choose your services.

If you are not sure about which colours, fonts, or art to use on your dentistry signs, our team of designers can work with you to create a design that sets you apart from other dentists. We can even collaborate with you to create a professional logo for your dental clinic.

Our engraved plaques on stainless steel, brass or bronze can help you to appear professional and showcase the personality of your dental practice. We provide both coloured and plain engraved plaques and can customise these to your branding specifications.

Use Door And Wayfinding Signage For Efficiency

Engraved plaques for dental practices can be used for door signage, especially if you are in a building that houses multiple businesses. Lucas Products And Services offers high-quality brass engraved plaques that can be left unpainted, which appears black, or be infilled with the colours of your choice.

These plaques not only look professional, but provide the necessary information your patients need to find your dental surgery among the other businesses in the building.

Knowing exactly which room to go to for a checkup, an x-ray, or a cleaning can help to reduce patient anxiety, so having wayfinding signage in your dental practice should be a priority. These signs will also help your staff to ensure they are heading in the right direction when guiding patients to their appropriate appointment setting.

Wayfinding signage can also be used in the dentist waiting rooms so patients can find the restroom and payment stations easily. Patients at your practice will feel more at ease if they see that there are clear areas designated for them to wait comfortably in.

Our expert craftsmen will work with you to choose the best colours, images, and materials for these signs, and will mechanically or laser engrave the information using ultimate precision techniques.

Important Safety Signage And Danger Signs

It is best practice for your dental surgery to have signage for health and safety, both for patients and for your staff. This includes signage highlighting areas where patients may not enter, such as the counter behind your internal medical clinic or the room where teeth moulds are made.

Some equipment used in dental surgeries can be dangerous in the wrong hands and you will need to highlight any hazardous materials so staff and patients will avoid this. Lucas Products’ skilled staff design and manufacture all health and safety signs as well as danger signs you might need for your dental clinic and office.

We can also manufacture simple, generic safety warning signs that help to highlight fire and emergency exit doors. We include holes for screws or rivets, and also offer adhesive backing so the signs can be applied to any surface.

Our health and safety signage is manufactured to meet government legislation standards. It is made using durable materials to withstand environments that might use harsh chemicals, so you can rest assured that your signage will not experience wear and tear and will remain legible.

You can speak to a Lucas advisor today for more information on the customised signage we can offer to your dental surgery.

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