Traffolyte Industrial Applications

Since its invention in 1927, Traffolyte has remained a gold standard in engraving tags and labels. This doesn’t come as a surprise considering its numerous benefits, which include: 


Traffolyte tags are pretty durable and sustainable in the harshest of environments, especially those synonymous with most industries. This material is UV resistant, heat resistant, acid and alkali resistant, and has good insulating properties. Besides, it’s naturally hard-wearing and will not oxidise if left in the atmosphere.  

Outstanding Legibility

Engraved traffolyte labels offer excellent legibility considering that multiple layers are engraved together, with the inner layer being of a contrasting colour. Once engraved, the contrasting inner-core layer looks aesthetically appealing and quickly grabs attention. The texts, designs and diagrams that are laser engraved into this material are incredibly visible and legible from afar! Besides, they won’t fade or rub off after some time as other options do.  

Fade Proof

Unlike other engraving materials such as vinyl and ink, which fade off after some time, Traffolyte doesn’t fade. Traffolyte tags are very durable and will maintain their legibility and colour for a long time. So, with engraved traffolyte labels, you will not have to worry about always having your design on hand for replacements in case it fails early on due to wear & tear.


Traffolyte is quite versatile, considering that it can be used to create both functional and straightforward signs and tags for commercial purposes or to produce colourful effects to make the tags more attractive. What’s more, Traffolyte is flexible. It can be cut and engraved into a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Therefore, it’s a desirable option for a wide range of product requirements, from colourful identification tags to quaint valve tags, be it small or huge. 

Diverse fixing options

A traffolyte label can be easily mounted and secured with strong self-adhesive backing. It also comes pre-drilled for versatile customizing of your labels to fit any need, like screwing it onto a ball chain or hanging by a wire.

Traffolyte Tag Applications 

Traffolyte is a versatile material that’s used for a wide range of engraved tags and nameplates. The most common applications of Traffolyte include: 

Name Tags

Traffolyte nameplates are commonly used given that the material is durable, legible and more affordable compared to other options such as brass, steel and aluminium.

Industrial Labels, i.e. Valve Tags and Safety Signs

Traffolyte is used in factory labelling to label switchboards and machines, thanks to its properties. The material is highly durable, heat resistant and with good insulating properties. These properties give traffolyte use an edge over popular metals like aluminium which are more susceptible to changes in heat, acidity levels and humidity, thus giving users more extended service.

Asset Labels

Traffolyte can be used to make asset labels. Laser engraving your traffolyte labels is a cost-effective means of identifying and tracking your valuable items, including property, equipment and fixed assets.

Floor Plans

Apart from creating labels and tags, Traffolyte is also used to create floor plans or fire escape plans to help in an emergency evacuation. A detailed, hard-wearing, heat-resistant, and easily readable floor plan is essential in the event of an emergency. Traffolyte being durable and fade-proof makes it an extremely suitable option for making floor plans meant to serve buildings for long periods. 

Industrial Application of Engraved Traffolyte 


Precision and accuracy are massive requirements in the Medical field. If you’re looking for a way to label your products without worrying about the ink rubbing off, then look no further than engraved labels. They are colour coded and bold so they can be easily read from afar, which makes them perfect for use in hospital environments.


Engraved traffolyte tags are perfect for the gas, oil and electricity industry. Traffolyte labels and tags are the perfect choices for safety signs, warning signs, control panels on switchgear. They have zero conductivity which makes them safe to work around high voltage equipment like transformers; they’re highly environmentally tolerant, so you can use them in any weather condition from Arctic cold snaps with subzero temperatures all the way down to scorching hot summers where it’s 55°C or more every day, and their wide range of colours allows businesses to present themselves as unique while still being uniform across a facility.

Fire and Security

Traffolyte labels are perfect in safety-critical environments like those found at airports, government buildings, and homes. This durable material is made of a strong composition of phenolic plastic sheets that will not melt or discolour when exposed to an open fire for 3 minutes. Fire-resistant materials can be supplied depending on the environment needs, such as underground tunnelling where metal detectors may cause interference with some label types. 


Engraved labelling on a marine unit is the best solution for this application because it will not be affected by water and damp conditions. The colour stays bright even in the strong sun with salt air!


Engraved traffolyte labels are a popular choice in industries where durability and clarity are key factors. Since these signs can withstand long periods of wear, they’re perfect for use with aerospace equipment that is constantly being washed down or cleaned under high-pressure water jets between flights to ensure safety standards aren’t compromised.

Data and Electronics 

Data and electronics are essential to our daily life. Traffolyte labels make sure that we can find the cables in the dark as well as give a more aesthetically pleasing look than printed labelling, which is especially useful for comms cabinets with tight spaces and floor outlets on carpeted floors where it’s easy for them to be covered up by dust or dirt during vacuuming.

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