Wrap-Around Pipe Markers

Looking for roll-form pipe markers? Lucas Products & Services is the leading supplier of quality industrial strength vinyl wrap around pipe markers that come in various colour combinations in line with ANSI requirements and directional arrows.

Why Use Wrap-Around Pipe Markers?

They are customisable: You can choose your custom legend, direction arrows and even logo on your pipe marker. We print your custom specifications according to ANSI/ASME A13.1 colour specifications to ensure you adhere to safety guidelines. Whether you want them to mark fire pipes, domestic cold water pipelines, or acid waste pipes, our wrap around markers are readily available.

They are easy to install: Wrap around pipe markers have an adhesive that makes it easy for them to snap on pipe surfaces and gives you fast installation. All you need to do is ensure the pipe surface is clean and dry before installing the pipe marker, unlike snap around pipe markers that will stick to dirty, oily and greasy pipes.

They offer a 360-degree visibility: The pipe markers allow for printing on either side so you can print your legend in different directions to maximise visibility and enhance safety at your site.

They offer durability: Lucas Products wrap around pipe markers are manufactured from industrial strength vinyl with an abrasion-resistant coat. The pipe markers are also fade-resistant ensuring your marking remains on the material even when used in high-pressure cleaning areas that use detergents.

They come in different sizes: Our wrap around pipe marker tape is available in 10m roll length and you get to choose between a width of 50mm and 100mm depending on the diameter size of your pipes.

Durable Roll Form Pipe Markers

Our wrap around pipe markers are moisture resistant and give 5-7 years of durability. The tape is not reusable like the snap to version of our pipe markers. Our production plant handles quantity orders, so the number of markers needed should not be an issue. Contact us for a free quotation and one of our customer service representatives will walk you through our production, shipping and delivery process. Our price is unbeaten, as is our speed of delivery. Simply add your preferred wrap around pipe marker items to the shopping cart, include details of the custom legend, colour.

  • Roll-Form Pipe Markers

    Lucas Roll-Form Pipe Markers wrap around pipe markers with adhesive. Available in 10m rolls in length, and either 50mm or 100mm wide.


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    Roll-Form Pipe Markers

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