Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper-proofing is an integral part of security measures. When a product is tamper-proofed, it means that the product cannot be altered without leaving a trace of evidence behind. It is one of the best ways brands can safeguard their products from tampering, fraudulent insurance claims, piracy, etc.

The application of  tamper‑proof labels serves two purposes:

1. To detect efforts to remove the label; and/or

2. To indicate that an item is authentic and not a counterfeit

These labels are made from materials that will change structure or appearance if for instance a package has been opened, altered, or damaged in any way after it’s left the production facility. This allows for quick visual examination of products when returned by customers. 

Tamper-proof labels are made using unique materials that make them easier to detect if they have been tampered with. When a label is destroyed or altered, it becomes much more noticeable than standard labels, which can be removed entirely.

“Tampering is a deliberate action undertaken to compromise the integrity of a product, package, or system.”

What Materials Are Used in Making Tamper Proof Labels?

Tamper Proof labels are made from polyester film with a particular visible, printed layer protected by acrylic adhesive. If the label material is peeled or removed using a high degree of force, the label will leave tampering evidence on the surface. These Tamper Proof Labels are made for identifying assets, products, and warranty information in ways that standard labels cannot. Voids and Warrants can be pre-printed on the label, along with fine-line printing and inspection fields for proof. Due to its tamper-proof properties, security firms typically use tamper-proof locks and labels to ensure that valuables are securely transferred.

Tamper Proof Labels offer an extra layer of protection by making sure employees aren’t removing sensitive data without authorization while on duty at storage facilities or warehouses where these materials may be accessed outside their typical work hours. The Tamper Proof adhesive labels are directly applied to your products and can be customised to fit your brand. Whether you’re going for a sleek look or an all-out explosion of colour, the detailed designs can be printed on any adhesive label stock and placed on your products.

Types of Tamper-Proof Labels

Tamper Evident Asset Label

Tamper-evident security labels are made for items that may be prone to theft, like office equipment. These tamper evident stickers have a good resistance against scratches and exposure to water or mild chemicals which make them perfect when applied correctly on your belongings

A must-have for any organization with an abundance of assets, these security labels are designed to reduce the chance that some get lost in a distracting and busy environment. These tamper-proof asset stickers will self-destruct if someone tries to remove them or show a VOID pattern when they do so – making it easier than ever before to keep track of what belongs where! With your company’s logo or name printed right on each sticker, you can save time trying to determine asset ownership. You are also able to promote your brand without lifting a finger. 

Destructible Vinyl Security Labels

When scratched or removed, exposed to heat or a solvent, this type of label will completely break apart. This property of Vinyl labels makes it only suitable for indoor use since exposure to the harsh elements found outdoors can cause the label to fall apart. A destructible security vinyl label is a great choice when you want to prevent unauthorized transfers of labels between different assets.

Tamper evident and destructible vinyl labels are the broad categories of tamper-proof labels we have in the market. Other less common types include:

  • Hologram Stickers
  • Embedded Images
  • Hot Foil Asset label.
  • Interference showing evidence.
  • Do Not Remove labels.
  • Permanent Labels 
  • UV tamper evident labels
  • Microtaggants
  • Shrink wraps

Advantages of Tamper-Proof Labels

Tamper-proof labels are the best way to keep your assets safe. Traditional labels can be peeled off and transferred to a different container, but tamper-proof labels have several security features that prevent tampering. The following are the benefits of using Tamper-Proof Labels.

  • Reduce theft by deterring the possibility of tampering with a product package
  • Make it impossible to transfer labels from one asset to the other
  • Easily track valuable assets in transit by encoding personal data in your labels
  • Easy application of the labels
  • The labels are a good differentiator between genuine and counterfeit products, enhancing the brand’s integrity
  • Use barcode labels to organise your inventory
  • They serve as an extra safety measure for sensitive products such as food or medicine
  • Categorise your assets using colour-coded labels 
  • They are cost-effective 

Where Tamper-Proof Labels are used

It’s nearly impossible to walk through the aisles of any retailer without bumping into tamper-evident and tamper-proof labels. The two types of seals are applied in different situations, and each has its benefit. However, both are popular among manufacturers for various reasons as outlined below.


Counterfeit electronics are a growing problem. Even as an authorised retailer, a customer might find themselves with a fake product. A new device with the same design might be available for less on your competitor’s website. Counterfeiters are becoming increasingly savvy and can now produce near-perfect imitations of popular products. To counteract these schemes — and to deter dishonest retailers— electronics companies are equipping their devices with tamper-evident labels. These specially designed labels prevent fraudsters from using authentic product packaging to deceive customers. In addition, tamper-evident seals can be used to validate the authenticity of warranty claims.

Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is one of the major users of tamper-proof labels. These types of labels are applied to different products to protect them from being affected by negligence during shipping, storage or display.

Food delivery services are on the rise, and the growing need for tamper-evident and tamper-proof labels in the restaurant industry is growing. Tamper-evident labels can be applied to food packaging and directly onto products, helping consumers feel safe about what they order online or in physical stores.


Dangerous and potentially deadly, counterfeit drugs are a serious problem. Tamper-evident labels make it easy to detect changes in pharmaceutical packaging, but this alone is not enough protection for consumers. These tamper-evident seals act as an extra layer of protection designed to help healthcare professionals identify illegitimate products and protect patients from potential dangers that could lead them into danger or worse yet death!

Luxury and Beauty Products

Tamper-evident or tamper-proof labels are an essential part of a company’s authenticity guarantee. They protect consumers against the threat of counterfeiters while giving them confidence in their products. However, with the emergence of online retail sites and social media platforms, unscrupulous retailers have limitless avenues to offload their fake brand-name products on unsuspecting customers. 

Art Museums & Galleries

The art industry is very sensitive to any traces of damage that result from improper handling during the transit of artwork pieces such as paintings or sculptures. Therefore, anti-tampering labels are used heavily to protect artwork pieces while in transit.

Why Use Tamper-Proof Labels?

The best way to account for and keep assets safe is by using tamper-proof labels. These are designed specifically for a higher level of protection, being more difficult to remove than standard labels. They’re an excellent choice for anyone who needs this kind of safety and can also be customised with images or text if you want just that little bit extra in terms of branding too!

Tamper-proof labels are used in many different industries for a variety of applications. These security labels are a great option if assets need to be tagged, tracked, or visually identified. With their ability to withstand extreme temperatures and tampering attempts; they offer businesses a guaranteed level of protection of their most valuable assets, which could include:

  • Audiovisual production equipment
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Sealed goods in transit
  • Computers accessories and laptops
  • Mobile phones and accessories
  • Hotel appliances
  • Movable furniture
  • Tools and accessories
  • Books, DVDs, CDs and other media packaging

Companies can use tamper-proof labels to increase their brand’s security. These labels can also be used with appliances that require anti-counterfeit and warranty protection. 

For manufacturers, refurbishers, and resellers — Lucas tamper-evident and destructible labels are a must-have. They protect sensitive electronic, medical, and industrial equipment from unauthorised access and tampering. You can rest assured that no one will interfere with your package right from shipping from the factory, all through to storage in your warehouse, and during distribution to retailers. Our high print-quality, tamper-proof labels indicate when equipment has been compromised, which also provides credible defence against lawsuits and fines.

We are Here to Help you Choose Your Tamper Proof Labels

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