SMS-R1 Tape Material

If you’ve been looking for a way to streamline the print process within your workplace, you’ve probably already come across the new SMS-R1 sticker and sign printer, the model which has revolutionised signage printing across Europe.

In that case, you’ll be needing to stock up on tape material with which to print (albeit much less frequently than with your typical signage printer). We have dozens of varieties of tape in stock so that you can be making the perfect safety labels, signs, pipe markers, stickers or whatever else you might be printing, as early as tomorrow.

So if you’re looking to buy SMS-R1 industrial vinyl rolls, then rest assured you’re in the right spot. Read on further below to see what choices we have in stock for your print job project and if you still can’t find what you’re looking for feel free to get in touch with our team who will be happy to assist.

What is this Tape Material suitable for?

Disregarding the time it saves, the material savings of the SMS-R1 means this printer pays for itself, so you have more money to spend on a wider range of labelling products.

With the versatility of using your NICELABEL software, you’ll be able to swiftly create designs that you need, and can have your choice of text and symbols printed off rapidly and efficiently with concise graphics and bright colours.

There are different tape types to suit your application, indoors or outdoors.

  • Industrial Vinyl E300 range with standard adhesion.
  • Premium industrial Vinyl ST700 range with high adhesive strength for long lasting durable signs and labels. Recommended product.
  • High-Tack industrial vinyl with extremely high adhesion, for difficult substrates.
  • Industrial Polyester for durable applications between temperature extremes.
  • Special tapes: VOID polyester, reflective tape, flourescent tape and photoluminescent tape

So the variety of tapes available makes the SMS-R1 really suitable for pretty much any project you desire.

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