Asset Labels

Easily keep track of assets like equipment, hardware, tools, inventory and other valuable assets with these easy to apply, scannable asset labels. Simply order the labels you need or print your own labels as required – for fast, simple, automated asset tracking that can be managed centrally or locally.

We understand the value of your assets and the identification mess that missing asset labels can cause, so we make equally durable stainless steel wires and crimps to keep your labels securely in place.

Asset Label Application Areas

Construction Equipment

Asset tags are useful in construction and plant machinery because they display relevant information like company details, barcodes, and numbers that are useful in tracking the physical location of equipment. The labels are made of stainless steel and aluminium materials, which endure a wide temperature range, and corrosion from the chemicals in the sites thus are reliable for a long period.

IT Equipment

IT departments in various fields can rely on polyester asset labels because they are tamper-proof. The adhesive property makes removing them from equipment evident, thus providing recourse in case of warranty and insurance claims. Equipment suppliers can also track the functionality of their gadgets and recall them if situations of need arise.


Labels and tags are essential in healthcare and hospitals for asset tracking. From items such as mechanical heart valves, hip replacements, and general hospital equipment, both medical suppliers and doctors need to track the usage and location of the items. Some tags take the form of QR codes which help in authentication of the gadget before use and can also be used in case of adverse reactions or patient identification.


Asset labels and tags aid states and governments in asset tracking of property. Custom asset labels like specific serial numbers engraved in government hardware provide a tracking means. This has in the past been useful for asset management in public departments, and especially in preventing theft.

Food Equipment

Asset labels are essential in the food and catering sector. For asset tracking, using barcodes helps in asset management whereby a restaurant can have a software program with an asset register to account for the appliances. Asset tags are also useful in scheduling maintenance and repairs. The food industry is under strict compliance requirements from bodies like the FDA and the human safety bodies; asset tags prove helpful for the manufacturer and service providers.

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