Safety Labels

As a responsible workplace, you need to inform your employees, visitors and possible pedestrians of potential risk within the vicinity of your facilities. Clear warning signs enhance safety everywhere; while operating equipment, using roads, to caution hazard in warehouses and even on daily-use products. Warning labels help you meet health and safety standards under OSHA, ANSI, DOT and any other safety standards required in your industry. You also internally want to ensure safety labels are part of your health and safety program. 

We’re not just your average safety labels provider. You won’t find off-the-shelf stock solutions here, but custom-designed ones that are tailored to meet any and all of your needs – regardless of the material or finish you’re looking for! We’ve been a trusted partner in this industry for 20 years now and we only provide quality workmanship that’s sure to last over time. Call us today and place your order- our prices remain unmatched!

Our Variety of Health and Safety Labels

The recommended material for your labels differs depending on the industry so we have a range of labels for your selection. 

  • Vinyl labels
  • Engraved Traffolyte labels
  • Polyester labels
  • Polycarbonate labels

Why Choose Lucas Warning Labels?

We provide a variety of material & finish options

At Lucas we offer a range of material options such as vinyl, Traffolyte, polyester and polycarbonate. Our vinyl self-adhesive stickers are available in white, red, black, yellow or reflective white with matte, gloss and static cling options. 

Engraved Traffolyte warning labels come in 6 standard sizes in a yellow and black combination ensuring everyone gets the warning of a potential hazard. The safety signs work perfectly in factories and medical locations. 

Polyester labels come in white, yellow, bright gold and clear colours with the options of either a gloss or matte finish. Polycarbonate material labels are available in clear or velvet gloss or matte finishes and can also be brushed or suede.

Our warning labels are durable

Lucas Products & Services prides itself in providing quality safety labels for its customers. Our choices of materials are UV resistant, scratch-resistant and are also resistant to most atmospheric substances and certain chemicals making sure you adhere to health and safety regulations. You can use the labels for safety in both your outdoor and indoor working locations. 

The safety labels are highly customisable

We understand different situations require different warning labels so we offer a variety of customisation options. We have cutting-edge technology tools to provide precision, cater to your text needs, and whether you require red or blue colours on your labels, we give you exactly what you request.  Our range of custom safety signs improve the visibility of your information.

They are cost-effective

Materials like Traffolyte are not only durable but also cost-effective. Engraved Traffolyte guarantees a high-quality printing solution that you can use for many years. Lucas Products & Services uses state-of-the-art laser technologies which significantly reduces the amount of waste and ensures a fast turn-around of the production cycle making it cost-effective. 

Where to Use Safety Labels

Our range of warning labels come in different materials and sizes which makes them usable in different industries. The high quality makes them applicable even in sites and areas with extreme harsh weather conditions. Whether you want to use them in construction, electrical, mining, marine, standard office, health industry, banks, and supermarkets or in your personal property, our safety labels will provide visible warning and last for a long while.

Contact Us Today

Whether you need a hazard label, safety labels or safety stickers for your equipment or workspace; you can place your order online on our website or leave us a message on our page. Our customer service representatives are here to give you a seamless shopping experience and will contact you with further information to complete your order purchase. Alternatively, you can call us and we can get started on making sure you get warning labels that meet your company’s health and safety requirements.

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