Anodised Aluminium Nameplates

Anodised Aluminium is a perfect and inexpensive metal material for nameplates that undergoes a manufacturing process known as anodisation. The process involves dipping aluminium in a chemical bath and passing an electrical charge through it to transform the surface into an anodic oxide coat. This hardens and thickens its surface by giving it excellent protective and anti-corrosion properties.

With Lucas, you’ll never have to worry about what colour or finish your plate is. Our high quality anodised aluminium plates are available in various colours and finishes including blue, black, red with white engraving; silver, gold, matt or brush polish with black engraving.

Our anodised aluminium nameplates have fixing options that come at no extra charge. You can opt to use self-adhesive backing or two-four fixing holes, depending on your preference. Our aluminium nameplates have protective and cosmetic properties making them great for sign, badge and nameplate making.

Why Choose Anodised Aluminium

  • High durability
  • Anticorrosive
  • Retains its colour
  • It is lightweight
  • It is versatile
  • Robust and resilient
  • It has a shiny attractive surface

We cut the nameplates to different sizes and shapes according to customer specifications.  To order specific colour combinations and order your specific size (100 x 50 or 250 x 50) mm, call us for a free quotation or provide your customisation preferences, and get your product at unbeatable prices.

Application of Anodised Aluminium Nameplates

  • Asset/ equipment identification
  • Door nameplates
  • Barcode labels
  • Safety decals
  • Rating plates
  • Serial-numbered signs

Why Choose Lucas Products and Services 

Whether you’re looking for printed traffolyte plates, laser engraved metal (brass/aluminium/ stainless steel) plates, Lucas has you covered. Lucas supplies anodised aluminium nameplates to a wide range of industries. Whichever the industry, Lucas Products and Services ensures high-quality products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

We provide standard or customised laser engraved anodised aluminium plates that are quite versatile. Our range of colour options offer best-in-line finish options, and we promise to deliver with a quick turnaround. Get in touch with us, and our team of skilled engravers will sort out the exact requirements of your name plates.  

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