Industrial Label Printers

If you’re reading this it’s pretty likely that you’re in the market for a new high-quality industrial label printer for your workplace. Maybe it’s a new addition to your toolset, or maybe you are just looking to upgrade an older system to save your business time and money.

Either way, you’ve come to the right place, as we have over twenty years of experience in the industry At Lucas, we supply a range of the latest and most technologically advanced industrial label printers in the market, you just have to choose which one’s right for you.

All of our label printers are supplied with templates and software to get you started, so you just have to choose the right labels, tubings, and ribbons for your precise project.

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The industrial label printers we have in stock are designed with both durability and performance in mind. It's no good having a printer that can fire labels out at 100MPH if they aren't good quality, and likewise, if it takes an hour to print off one strip of labels, it doesn't matter what quality they are, it'll be too late.

Thermal label printers

Currently, we stock three thermal label printers in our range, two of the more traditional style thermal printers, and one newer-generation example, which also works with thermal transfer, but has a different entry system, which we will explore later.

A direct thermal label printer is a type of label printer that uses heat to transfer ink onto a paper or plastic label. This type of printer is perfect for those who need to print labels with high-quality, long-lasting prints on them, especially if they're going to be used in an industrial setting. The way these printers work is pretty straightforward, they use heat-sensitive ink that is applied to the paper or plastic label during the printing process. When this ink comes in contact with the heat from the thermal print head, it melts and adheres to the surface of the label in order for the image or text on it to appear clearly and legibly. Usually, you have to also buy the label design software in order for your team to be able to make the right labels on demand without error, but we provide the software with our industrial label printers as standard.

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