Engraved Traffolyte Tags

Choose from pre-defined traffolyte tags or engraved traffolyte tags.

  • High quality traffolyte
  • BS EN 60079-25 compliant
  • Fast turnaround on large and small orders
  • Durable, crystal clear engraving
  • Outstanding legibility, visible from afar
  • Does not fade
  • Pre-defined numbered tags and custom engraving available
  • Chemically inert, non-porous, insulating material
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Able to withstand high temperatures
  • All bespoke engraving text and image requirements accommodated
  • Various tag sizes available
  • Various colours available
  • Tags include one standard sized hole for various fixing methods
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What is traffolyte?

Traffolyte is a melamime surfaced high-pressure laminate (HPL). It is a multi-layered phenolic plastic consisting of paper and synthetic resins. It is available in various thicknesses, colours and finishes.

What are the properties of traffolyte?

Traffolyte is non reactive material with low permeability. Thermosetting resins are cured during the manufacturing process, resulting in a stable, durable, chemically inert material that does not react with gases, chemicals and other environmental substances.

It is resistant to formaldehyde emissions and can withstand high temperatures, allowing it to be easily sterilised with hot water, steam, or other solvent or chemical based cleaners.

As a HPL, it is approved for use with foodstuffs.

Are traffolyte tags heat resistant?

Yes. As a laminate, traffolyte is difficult to ignite. Many of the traffolyte valve tags we supply are halogen-free, giving them excellent fire resistance properties.

Where can traffolyte tags be used?

Due to the strong and stable nature of traffolyte, it is ideally suited to environments where it could be exposed to gases or chemicals from any industrial processes. Its non-reactive properties mean there is no migration when the material is exposed to heat, steam, acids or organic material.

Traffolye tags are commonly used for labelling electrical equipment, and asset tracking in environments where tools or equipment must be sterilised regularly, such as medical environments or laboratories.

Which fixing method is most suitable for traffolyte tags?

Traffolyte tags can be attached using ball chains or your preferred fixing method.

To confirm your chosen products is best suited to your requirements, give us a call.

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