Lucas is one of Ireland’s leading signage companies. We design, manufacture, and engrave warehouse signage and safety signs to meet specific needs across the warehouse industry, including electrical signage, safety signage, toilet signage, pipe markers, and custom-designed cable markers.

All of the warehouse signage we design and manufacture comply with the health and safety standards and government legislation. Our safety signs are hard-wearing, waterproof, chemical resistant, fireproof, UV resistant and even resistance to pest damage.

They are also permanently laser-engraved to ensure longevity and that the critical information never wears out and remains legible no matter the environment it is being used in.

What Signs Should Be In A Warehouse?

Warehouses are considered as being high risk in terms of safety management, and therefore, need several different types of safety signs in important areas in order to comply with regulations. These warehouse safety signs include:

Electrical signs: Electrical signage is used to prevent potential hazards from occurring by showing the maximum voltage of machinery and equipment, to help workers trace cables and wires quickly, and to alert workers to any risk of electrical shock from equipment. These signs must be displayed prominently and must be as accurate as possible when it comes to voltage numbers.

Danger signs: Danger signs are some of the most important warehouse safety signs to have. They are used to highlight hazardous or dangerous materials in the workplace, can notify workers of paths designated for pallet trucks or fork lift trucks, and alerts workers to any hidden cables or wires. These signs also mark off restricted areas and machinery that has specific risks.

Toilet signs: Toilet signs are warehouse signs you may not usually consider, but having a specific area for toilets in your warehouse is important for the morale and health of your staff. Lucas Products And Services can design and engrave toilet signs for male, female, and mixed-use toilets.

Warehouse signs for First Aid Kits: Any workplace that uses heavy machinery or dangerous equipment should have a first aid kit to deal with injuries or accidents. First aid signs are used to who where the kit is kept in the building and can be incorporated with more information for health and safety, including what protective clothing and footwear must be worn during work.

Pipe markers: Government regulations require pipe markers to provide awareness of what dangerous substances or hazards pipes and containers carry. These warehouse safety signs use colour codes and arrows to indicate the direction the pipe flows, which valves should be closed, and which pipelines should be isolated.

Cable markers: Electrical workers re-wiring a warehouse or carrying our maintenance need the ability to physically trace cables and wires quickly with solid cable marking solutions in place. This provides a safe environment with minimal risk of emergency. Lucas Products and Services provides cable marking identification solutions, including wire marking and cable marking for clients with regular cable tagging and marking requirements.

Signage in multiple languages, including aisle markers, emergency procedures, safety equipment signs, and first aid kit signs is important to consider. If you have workers who do not speak English as their first language, they must be catered for so their safety is also ensured in your warehouse.

Pictorial signage is also useful for a multi-lingual workplace, as is simple and easy for everyone to understand.

The Lucas team can manufacture warehouse signs that have both the English and second language wording clearly displayed for all workers to understand.

How To Apply Warehouse Signs

Our skilled staff will manufacture your warehouse signs to your exact requirements, whether you need hols for crews and rivets or you would prefer to use self-adhesive backing to apply them to various surfaces. The surface you are applying the sign to is also an important consideration.

How a sign is applied in a warehouse depends on how your warehouse operates on a daily basis. We suggest using our signs with an adhesive backing if the routes and aisles are rearranged on a regular or semi-regular basis. For more permanent fixtures, using screws or rivets is advisable.

Lucas Products And Services will happily collaborate with you on any customised signs you might need. Our graphic designers can create simple and complex designs, and our engravers provide precise, clear end results that remain legible for years to come.

If you need advice on what signs are required to meet government standards, speak to us today for guidance and a cost-effective quote.

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