Pipe Markers & ID Labels

In order to ensure the health and safety of your workers, valves and pipes need labels that provide essential information. The ANSI ASME A13.1 general pipe marking standards provide a common approach to labelling different pipes. Our pipe markers and valve tags follow the recommended colour guideline for pipes used for various purposes.

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Lucas Products and Services has been in the industrial appliances labelling sector for over 20 years. We offer a variety of pipe markers that correspond to the health and safety regulations in your industry. Our customer care team have the expertise and are available online to guide you through the required custom pipe labelling specifications. You only need to provide the size of pipes, condition of pipes, content of pipes and the workplace environment and then leave the task of making a correctly coloured and marked label to us. 

Categories of Custom Pipe Markers

Snap-Around Labels

Our snap-around markers are suitable for pipes that are difficult to mark since you just wrap around the pipe. The pipe markers are usable in dirty, greasy, oily and rough pipes and require no preparation before installation. You can use these labels in pipes with diameters that are larger than 6”. These markers serve as safety tags in electrical and fire applications.

Self-Adhesive Labels

These are easy-to-peel adhesive labels which you tape to clean and dry surfaces. They are compliant with the ANSI ASME A13.1 standards when used with arrow directions. We use grade vinyl to ensure that your pipe markers last for about 5 years when used in the recommended temperatures. This type of pipe marking is suitable for acids & bases markers, air & ducts, maintenance & operation, water, direction markers, IIAR Ammonia markers, fire systems and gases.  

Pipe Marking/ ANSI ASME A13.1 Standards

Labelling of pipes depends on the size, condition, content and workplace environment of the pipes.  The ANSI ASME A13.1 requirements standards give guidelines on the colour codes. Industries must comply as a way of warning workers of a potential hazard. Pipes containing fire-quenching fluids should be labelled in red with white text. Flammable fluids use yellow labels with black texts. Gases in either gas or liquid phase also use yellow. Combustible fluids have brown labels with white text. Toxic and corrosive fluids ought to have orange labels with black text. Portable, cooling, boiler feed and other water pipes require a green coloured label in white text, while compressed air pipes use blue labels with white text. 

In order to offer reasonable visibility to plant personnel from the normal point of approach, there are specified label dimensions of the letter height, length of colour field and the outside diameter of pipe. Pipe markers should be placed adjacent to all valves and flanges, at both sides of the floor, adjacent to change in direction and every 25 to 50 ft intervals on straight runs.

Lucas Products Pipe Markers

We offer high-quality vinyl labels in the various categories:

Why Choose Lucas Pipe Markers

The pipe marking follows ANSI/ASME A13.1 and British Standards BS 17:10 and can also use custom colours in line with on-site project requirements. We have silver markers for steam pipes, purple markers for acid and base pipes, orange markers for electrical pipes and yellow markers for gas pipes.

We also print International Safety Symbols onto pipe markers in line with globally recognised symbols of communicating a potential hazard. Lucas Products also print GHS symbols on pipe markers adhering to the standard classification and labelling of chemicals. The various sizes of each pipe marker type are available online on our site.

Contact us via phone number for a free quotation or email us an enquiry, and we will provide you with pipe marking solutions.

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