Engraved Traffolyte Plastic Nameplates

Traffolyte plastic nameplates, just like other types of name plates, are ideal for any business seeking to brand, mark and identify its products and assets. It is the perfect solution for clear signs and labels that can withstand harsh conditions, whether in industrial, office or outdoor environments. Traffolyte nameplates are made of multi-ply laminated phenolic plastic materials. We customise our tags, which are available in 100 (w) x 150 (l).  The rigid phenolic plastic comes in a wide colour range, which gives great customising options.

Why Plastic Traffolyte Nameplates?

  • They are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Highly resistant to UV, chemicals and tear
  • They are durable
  • It is available in two thicknesses; 1.5 millimetres and 3.0 millimetres.
  • They come in a variety of different colour layers. Our range of colours includes white/black, yellow/black, red/white, blue/white, etc.
  • They are ideal for use with electrical equipment as they are non-conductors, unlike metal nameplates.
  • High quality and professional finish
  • For fixing, you get 2-4 holes for use with either screws, rivets or ball chains. You also get self-adhesive backing as an option.

Who uses our plastic nameplates?

Traffolyte nameplates have a wide range of uses in diverse industries, including;

  • UKCA and UKNI nameplates
  • Rating plates
  • CE marking nameplates
  • Braille panels
  • Emergency stop legends
  • Legend plates
  • Switch panels
  • Mimic and control panels
  • Fascia boards

Here at Lucas, we customise Traffolyte according to your exact specifications and application. We cut the Traffolyte to precision with our varied colours, shapes and sizes to meet the customers’ needs. 

Industries that use plastic nameplates

  • Point of sale
  • Railways
  • Aerospace
  • Automotives
  • Industrial
  • Sports
  • Lifestyle
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Fire and Security

We supply different Industries that require Traffolyte nameplates as part of their compliance with safety regulations. Our nameplates are durable and can last a lifetime.

At Lucas, our primary goal is to produce quality industrial labelling solutions. Our engraving process ensures your information and logo is embedded clearly and permanently. We use modern laser engraving technology to achieve that. We supply engraved tags, signs and labels in different colours, shapes, and sizes that can be fixed onto other surfaces. They allow you the versatility to use slide-in holders, chain fixings, pre-drilled holes, self-adhesive fixings and tags. 

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