Cost-Effective External & Internal Signs For The Education Sector

School signage is an essential aspect of any school environment. It not only helps to identify the different facilities within a school, but it also provides valuable information such as opening and closing times, contact details for staff members and emergency procedures.

Every school needs effective signage – but finding solutions that won’t break the budget and look professional is easier said than done. At Lucas Products & Services, we supply signs, plaques, labels and many other solutions so you can streamline your school’s operations and maintain a safe environment for both students and teachers.

Why Use School Signs?

Signs help create an efficient working environment for teachers and other staff members within a school. They provide useful details, including telephone numbers and directions to different parts of the school, so that people do not have to waste time locating these places themselves.

For example, specific signs may indicate how parents should access certain rooms if they wish to see their child’s teacher during open evenings. In addition, signs will often identify the location of fire extinguishers and other equipment used in an emergency.

Signs can also help promote safety within schools by providing details about procedures in case of emergencies such as fires or intruder threats.

Safety Signs For Schools In The UK

Having health and safety signage guarantees that students understand the potential dangers of equipment, and all employees can stay in line with health and safety procedures.

We offer a range of specific health and safety signage for schools, including:

• First Aid Kits locations

• Wash points

• Fire Action Plans

• No Smoking areas

Our signs help you ensure compliance in all areas, essential for yearly inspections from government bodies such as Ofsted.

Engraved Plaques For Doors

Clear labels in your school create a professional impression, which is vital for parents to trust your education facility.

We offer a range of fully customisable signs, so you can welcome visitors to your school and let them know what makes you unique.

With a range of solutions, you can help students and visitors find their way around the school, freeing up your receptionists and administrators to focus on general operations.

When it comes to wayfinding signs, we’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with the range of options we provide in terms of colours, shapes and lettering.

Toilet Signage

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a nursery, primary school or secondary school; having directional signs that point to toilets in the building are essential. We offer wayfinding systems so young students can identify which facilities they can use in the communal areas of your school.

Hygiene is also essential in schools, especially for younger children. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we live, and while the situation is improving, hand washing is necessary for an educational environment.

Our signs are simple to read and engaging for young children. They offer a simple but powerful reminder to children, which is exactly what helps to maintain a safe and hygienic environment.

Pipe Markers

Although schools aren’t industrial buildings, most will have pipework running in all directions. Protecting students in the classroom, kitchen and everywhere else is essential, mainly when those pipes transport hot water. Effective pipe marking also allows facility managers, maintenance workers and anyone else to clearly understand what a pipe is transporting and the necessary precautions to take. View our pipe marking guide for further advice.

Accidents can happen, but schools should do everything they can to prevent them. Our pipe markers enable you to do this. They’re bright and bold, giving your staff – and parents – peace of mind.

Cable Markers

The days of the blackboard and chalk are long behind us, and schools are displaying forward-thinking by ensuring they incorporate technology into their lessons. From nurseries to colleges, interactive lessons that incorporate apps and computers are central to the learning experience.

We offer a range of approved cable markers so you can keep your learners safe. Our markers allow people to easily identify each cable and make school equipment easier to manage and maintain.

Asset Management

Keeping track of assets like laptops and IT equipment is essential. Printed barcodes and QR codes on tamper proof labels are an ideal way to easily track, monitor and manage your school’s assets and equipment.

Choosing LPS Gives You:

Access to High-Quality Materials

A Company With Strong Values

Comprehensive Range of Products

Excellent Service & Customer Support

Whether it’s engraved plaques for your classrooms or external signage to enhance your marketing strategy and position your school as a reputable, creative and safe environment, our school signs won’t let you down.

Let Us Help You Streamline Your School Signage Project

Implementing a signage system for your school doesn’t need to be a headache, especially when using our professional service. We work with education facilities everywhere and take pride in everything we do.

With a range of outstanding products, including signs, markers and customised entrance plaques, you can make your school a safe place without compromising on aesthetics. We have many years of experience and work with educational facilities of all sizes, including nurseries and universities.

If you’d like more information or a free quote, please feel free to contact our customer service team.


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