Door Nameplates

Bespoke Nameplates For Industrial, Commercial & Office Use

Door nameplates are essential for any company that operates in a physical location. Not only do they enhance your operations, but they also provide vital information for visitors to your premises.

Door signs and name plaques don’t have to be boring, and at Lucas Products & Services, we can offer a fully customisable service that fits your preferred style and building interior.

Your wording, your messaging, our quick and cost-effective service. What could be easier?

What Are The Benefits of LPS Door Signs?

There are many benefits of implementing door nameplates, including:

Visitors, customers and even employees can benefit from dedicated door plaques that tell them exactly where they are. A classic example of how effective nameplates are is GP surgeries. When a patient gets called to the consultation room, they can use the nameplate to ensure they’re going to the correct room.

Business Presence
Every business must display its professionalism, and the correct signage can take an average company and turn it into a reputable brand. To put it simply, pieces of paper with names on them don’t create the right impression – but our cost-effective nameplates do.

We use high-quality materials for our products but don’t believe in overcharging our clients. Our materials include brass, stainless steel aluminium and traffolyte – which gives you an extensive selection of finishes.

Aluminium Door Name Plates

If you’re looking for a bespoke nameplate, we offer a range of colours and finishes if you choose aluminium as a material. Currently, you can opt for red, blue, black, white in a matt finish and silver and gold colours – which come with a polished finish.

Brass Plates With Optional Colour Infill

Enhance your message with a custom finish in your chosen colour. This option is ideal for businesses that want to maintain the aesthetics of their logo, and you can opt for a selection of colours, from green to purple.

Custom Traffolyte Plates

You can choose between self-adhesive backing if you’d instead not do any DIY, but there are also two hole or four hole options.

We also offer a range of colours, including purple, green, blue and different lettering combinations. Traffolyte is cost-effective, but it’s so versatile, which is why it’s suitable for all environments.

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