SMS-R1 Printers

The SMS-R1 printer is a fast printing system, producing accurate cuts for both shapes and symbols. A multi-colour printing system, the SMS-R1 is a flexible printing system with a resolution of 300DPI for text and symbols.

Ideally suited for any environment that requires fast, flexible, reliable printing at a great price. Various SMS-R1 consumables are also available including vinyl, tape and ribbon cassettes.

Why We Stock SMS R1 Printers

The SMS R1 printer is a phenomenally productive label printer, able to reel off high-quality industrial vinyl stickers extremely efficiently.

This printer not only offers fast, simple and efficient printing but it is also flexible in what it can process, being able to produce a variety of label sizes, printing them quickly and clearly.

The compact size of the SMS R1 means that it can fit comfortably into almost any location, making it ideal for any office space, and its easy user interface makes confusing label printer malfunctions a thing of the past.

What can the SMS R1 printer do?

The SMS R1 has revolutionised the print process, giving enhanced cost savings to the user whilst being able to manage any print job with ease. It has the technological capability to create razor-sharp prints at the highest industrial quality, coming in at 300 DPI.

It can print an endlessly extensive range of labels, and our customer feedback regularly mentions it’s been used for all manner of emergency symbols, warning signs, fire safety symbols, and other safety signs, mainly for commercial applications.

At the core, the SMS R1 is a multi-colour printer with a driver built-in that acts as a unique print manager overseeing label output. This means that the signs and symbols printed come out at amazingly high speed with the correct colour every time in a seamless printing process.

How does the SMS R1 printing process set it apart?

One of the most attractive appeals of the SMS R1 is the continuous process with which it prints, meaning it can print off the most colourful and complex safety signs efficiently.

With traditional label printers, the user often has to go through the time-consuming manual placement of the industrial tape rolls by lifting the lid of the printer or sliding out a tray, taking the empty cartridges out and replacing them by hand.

The SMS R1 however is supplied with proprietary ribbon cartridges that are entered through a slot in the side of the machine, without having to stop the process and waste half-used ribbon cassettes that then need to be run through.

Reloading the SMS R1

Colour transfer ribbons install from the side of the product, so the cassette never has to be removed and replaced, which makes for efficient reloading with less room for error.

This also ensures a dirt-free printing process, as the machine doesn’t need to be exposed to the elements in order to be restocked, and the used ribbon cassettes are neatly ejected automatically.

Industrial tape rolls

The neat and efficient design of the tape rolls (which you might know as ribbon cassettes) means that there is much less wastage. Our tests show that because the SMS R1 doesn’t use ribbon when it’s not working, it can save as much as 50% on wastage in comparison to traditional thermal transfer printing systems.

How cost-effective is the SMS R1?

The main running expense with any label printer is nearly always the tape rolls, and customer feedback has told us that the lack of wastage mentioned above has been a notable cost-saving for many businesses.

Dust-free printing even in industrial environments means that there are also fewer unusable print runs, which can be a costly expense in terms of both time and money.

SMS R1 running technology

The computer system inside the SMS R1 is top-class and communicates directly to the user via a touch-screen display on the side of the machine, rather than having to go through a separate computer machine.

The screen allows the user to see common industrial symbols which highlight the needs of the machine as and when they occur, without space for miscommunication with the computer, for example a prompt to “clean print head” as soon as it is necessary.

The SMS R1 printer automatically detects the material ribbon cassette, with the exact amount of tape or ribbon available in the machine, so there is no risk of running out of ribbon mid-print, again reducing errors and wastage.

The animated colour command screen helps keep the user on top of extensive print runs, ensuring one continuous process of printing uninterrupted by manual hands in the machine.

The animation gives the displayed images advanced functionality to the user, like warning symbols and cut-out symbols that are easy to understand. On top of that, the SMS R1 is fully networkable and can be set up to prompt nearby people for its needs automatically.

Some other standout print manager features are that there is an automatic font size recognition system built-in, as well as that it is adaptable to take in information from whatever design software you use – there is no one recommended companion software that you will have to transfer your workforce onto.

The auto-install mechanism

One of the most interesting features of the SMS R1 is how it instals the supply rolls. Once you’ve chosen the correct material for your project, the material feeds backwards on a spool in a similar way to how old cameras used to work.

This also allows the machine to operate completely within its own footprint, meaning that the size of the machine as it stands is all that it will ever take up, and there will be no high-temperature material spillage outside of that area.

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