Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Tags

Choose from pre-defined stainless steel tags or engraved stainless steel tags.

  • High quality Stainless Steel tags Grade 316
  • Fast turnaround on large and small orders
  • Custom engraving on one or both sides as required
  • Durable, crystal clear engraving capable of withstanding harsh, indoor and outdoor environments
  • Mechanical engraving also available
  • All bespoke engraving text and image requirements accommodated
  • Various tag sizes and shapes available
  • Rust and corrosion resistant

We can cater for all bespoke requirements. Please call us to discuss.

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Where can your stainless steel tags be used?

Custom engraved stainless steel tags are commonly used as valve tags and asset tags.

How should stainless steel valve tags be attached?

Stainless steel wire is most often used as a valve tag attachment, and we do offer a range of other tag fixings too.

Are stainless steel tags suitable for outdoors?

Yes, our stainless steel tags are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

Is there any risk of contaminants from a stainless steel tag?

No. The Grade 316 stainless steel we use is incredibly resistant to corrosion and rust, eliminating the risk of contaminants. This makes stainless steel tags perfect for sterile environments in the medical, pharmaceutical or food industry.

Can I choose a different shape for my stainless steel tag?

Yes. Most stainless steel tags are round or rectangular, but we can accommodate different shapes of tag depending on your order size.

Can stainless steel be engraved with my logo?

Yes, we can engrave logos, numbers, letters, codes, barcodes, RFID codes and other data as required. Simply choose the product you want, upload your data and we'll do the rest.

What if I need something different?

Please call us to discuss unusual or bespoke requirements.

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