1-25 Numbered Tags Pack – Engraved Stainless Steel

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Numbers 1-25 laser engraved onto 25 seperate stainless steel tags in one pack. Choose from 5 circular tag diameters, click ADD TO CART and receive our high quality product within 48 hours of your online order. Each Numbered Tag Pack includes 25 ball chain attachments.


Do you need to order large volumes of Numbered Tags quickly?

Our new range of high quality pre-defined laser engraved stainless steel numbered tags are available to order online in packs of 25. You can also choose from our range of sequentially numbered packs from 1 to 300 tags in increments of 25. Each pack of 25 pre-defined numbered tags have been laser engraved into high quality grade 316 stainless steel, certain to withstand extreme industrial indoor or outdoor environments. Order your metal numbered tags online and you will receive them within 72 hours of your order. Lucas Products cover all your numbered tag needs by offering you 5 circular diameter sizes which can be used valve tags, equipments tags, assets tags or identification tags above all.

FAST TRACK! Our new range of Sequentially Pre-Defined Numbered Stainless Steel Tags in packs of 25.

Need help? No problem, we are ready for call. A Lucas Sales Advisor is on hand to answer any question or help you with your order. Give us a call on 021 242 8158

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