Pipe Identification Tape

Need help securing your pipe labels? Then look no further than Lucas pipe banding tapes.  The tape not only helps secure your pipe labels, but can also relay other useful information such as the directional flow of the pipe contents- arrow banding tape / arrows-on-a-roll tape. The pipe banding tape comes in different custom colours that allow our customers to colour code their pipes as per their industry’s regulations.
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At Lucas Products & Services we are dedicated to helping our customers increase safety & security with high-performance labels and signs. With our printing systems and software, we can deliver blank banding tape or customise your banding tape with directional arrows or text. The pipe banding tape comes in a roll measuring 25M length and 50 width MM.

Why Use Pipe Identification Tape?

  • Pipe labelling allows industries to remain in compliance with safety guidelines. Banding tape ensures the pipe labels are attached securely to the pipe.
  • The British 1710:2014 Standards require that the directional flow of contents in a pipe be visibly and accurately marked. You can wrap the pipes in arrow tape to ensure compliance.
  • The wrap banding tape provides 360 -degree visibility, and thanks to its solid colours, can be seen by workers all round.
  • Using colour-coded pipe banding tape introduces some sense of safety and security among workers. The contents of the pipes are coordinated to such colour scheme, therefore an employee would not be caught standing next to a hazardous gas pipe without knowing what it was.

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British 1710:2014 Standards require that pipes contain labels that indicate content, function and any other warning information that’s required to maintain the safety of your workers.  Lucas Products and services provide pipe labels that comply with these safety regulations, in the different colour codes. You can use these labels in combination with the banding tape to ensure they are securely held in place.

Choose Lucas Products & Services Pipe Banding Tapes

Our products help customers improve safety and are customisable with multiple colour options to fit your pipe marking needs. Include our high-performance Lucas pipe banding tape & pipe labels in your labelling solutions by simply adding it to your cart. We guarantee attention to specifications and fast turn-around time.

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