Stainless Steel Utility Tag 85mm x 50mm

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Utility Tag

Stainless Steel

Size: 85mm x 50mm
Finish: 2B
Thickness: 0.9mm approx.
Pre-Drilled Hole: 1
Fixing: Ball chain included in price


Stainless Steel Utility Tag  85mm x 50mm

The 85mm x 50mm Utility Tag is a one-hole stainless steel tag. We use permanent black laser marking the very latest technology – YAG laser, which permanently burns the marking into the metal for each engraved stainless steel tag to improve readability of the text. All Lucas stainless steel tags are created with 316 premium grade material, and the tags are laser cut and are finished to a 2B matt finish which enhances clarity and readability. Our 85 mm x 50 mm tags are in stock and ready to ship. Stainless steel tags are 1 mm thick and include one 3/16″ pre-drilled hole. Pricing is based on engraving one line of text on one side of the tag.

The is a minimum order quantity for the 85 x 50mm One Hole Stainless Steel tag. Upload your data, choose Single or Double sided engraving, and select a quantity. There is an extra charge for double-sided engraving.

Why Are Lucas Stainless Steel Tags the Best?   
Lucas Products and Services’ stainless steel tags are made of the highest quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant, durable and useful for a variety of applications. We laser engrave your text onto each tag per your specifications. Your tags are then meticulously cleaned, packaged and sent to you.

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