Cable Tags 60x10mm – Zero Halogen & Flame Retardant

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We manufacture your Yellow or White Tie-On Cable Tags with your data. Ideal for use in electrical applications.

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For a large order, where the tag quantity is 500 or more, please call us for project pricing. For smaller quantities of tags, MOQ/MOC will apply.

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Let Lucas print the cable tags for you. The Lucas Cable Tag 60mm x 10mm is made from a Zero Halogen material, (LSZH).  It is Flame Retardant and Hydrolysis Resistant, preventing acid or poisonous gas exposure when exposed to potential hazards, such as UV Lights, flame or water.  These high quality tear-proof cable markers also have high stable print quality are ideal for long term use in markings your cables. Cable marking or as it’s also known, Cable Jacketing is vital for ensuring your cable identification in a wide spectrum of industries. This type of cable marker, the Cable Tag 60mm x 10mm is commonly chosen due to it’s flexibility to cover a range of applications that meet not only legibility but also durability requirements.

The Cable Tag 60mm x 10mm is easily attached to to various sized cables with cable ties.

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