Stainless Steel 100mm Circular Nameplates

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Custom Engraved Stainless Steel Circular Nameplates with a diameter of 100mm and 1mm thickness of Grade 316 stainless steel. It contains 2 x 3mm holes for fixing and finished with a brush polished finish.

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Our Stainless Steel 100mm Circular Nameplates are cut from 316 grade material. Lucas Products nameplates are laser engraved using the latest technology which permanently burns a marking onto the stainless steel metal for each engraved stainless steel name plate this improves readability of the text and then cleaned to a superior finish. All our engraved nameplates are ideal for use outdoors due to their durable properties, resistance to harsh environments and UV and chemical resistance.

Why Are Lucas Stainless Steel Nameplates the Best?

Lucas Products and Services’ stainless steel name plates are made of the highest quality stainless steel, corrosion resistant, durable and useful for a variety of applications. We laser engrave your text onto each name plate per your specifications. Your name plates are then meticulously cleaned, packaged and sent to you. Simply upload your engraving data as a Excel, xls, xlsx, txt, or csv file before adding to your cart or email the data to be inscribed below quoting your online order reference number.

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