Office signage is the perfect way to let your customers and clients know exactly who you are and what you are offering. Office signs can also help to positively effect the mood of your staff, helping to create a professional mood and uplifting atmosphere. Custom office door signs also ensure that everyone knows exactly whose office is whose!

Our skilled staff design and manufacture various different types of office signage, including meeting room and office door signs, signage for health and safety, signage for efficiency in the workplace, and branded office signs for any business. Our experienced graphic designers work with the customer, creating high-quality products with long-lasting text, imagery, and colour choices. They can guide you through the ordering process and provide the most affordable price for your job at hand.

Door Signage

Door signs are important office signs, especially if you have a large office with multiple people. Engraved plaques with customised information and your company logo can not only help clear up confusion for visitors as to whose office they are in.

An office door sign is an extension of your brand, and can help to balance your messaging and imagery while also providing useful information. Lucas Products uses high-quality material, such as brass, bronze, and stainless steel for these engraved plaques, so your door signs will not only look professional but will last for years to come.


Office signs are about more than simply placing a logo on the wall behind your reception desk. Our graphic designers will suggest the most appropriate materials and finishes, and will combine this with your corporate symbols and colours for inventive and effective office signs. This branding can be used for door signs, boardroom signage, and even toilet signage.

Our staff takes pride in creating bespoke, quality signs for indoor use and will ensure your designs are engraved with precision, using only the latest engraving technologies. Your branding will stand out from the crowd and help to improve your trustworthiness and professional image in the eyes of your customers.

Meeting Room Signage

Office signs help to build a professional atmosphere, and meeting room signage helps to continue this through to even the most mundane activities: work meetings. With the help of Lucas Products, your meeting room signage can organise your space effectively and with creative flair.

Our expertly crafted meeting room signs will also ensure that no two rooms are double-booked due to correct room naming systems, and will make it quick and easy for clients to find the right room for any meeting they have with your company.

Signage For Health And Safety

We can design and manufacture various different types of health and safety signage to help you maintain compliance with government legislation in the workplace. Our custom traffolyte tags are the best option for this, and have many benefits.

We manufacture our traffolyte tags in-house, using the latest high-end laser engraving machines to permanently mark data onto your tags. To ensure health and safety standards are met, we offer a wide spectrum of colours that allow you to continue your safety colour coding system and to highlight important safety information or warnings.

Electrical And Efficiency Signage

Electrical signage is vital for maintaining safety in any workspace, which is why we at Lucas Products And Services provide cable markers, custom tags, wire sleeve labels, shrink tubes and electrical safety labels that are legible and long-lasting. Electrical workers need to be able to trace cables and wires quickly, which can often be difficult without the correct signs or markers.

Our in-house experts use quality materials such as hard-wearing plastic and stainless steel and every marker and tag comes with slots for the easy insertion of wires or cables.21

To improve the efficiency of your workplace, we also provide custom traffolyte tags that are permanently laser-marked with precision which will remain legible over time, so your staff will always be able to read this important information. All of these tags are hard-wearing, waterproof, chemical resistant, fireproof, UV resistant and even resistant to pest damage.

If you need advice on the best door signs for your needs, what office sign is the best fit for your business, or how to craft the perfect branding for your company, you have come to the right place!

Speak to a Lucas advisor today for a quick quotation for signs.

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