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Have you ever had to choose between a high-quality printer and the best of labels? If so, then Lucas’s label and cable marking printers are for you. Not only do they offer an assortment of printing equipment, but they also provide quality products such as top-notch wire markers that will save your company money with just the click of a purchase! At Lucas, we remain dedicated to employing cutting-edge technology to support your company optimally.

Choose from our load of LABELBUG printers, and pick the one that best suits your needs. Our machines are designed for businesses with large or regular wire labelling and marking requirements, such as the highly sought-after LABELBUG PRO printer model- a tool that can print labels at high speeds that will save you loads of time. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something that’s a little cheaper, then we have an excellent selection of smaller models like the LABELBUG ELEC that do just what they say on the tin: label wires in a time-efficient way. 

All these options work alongside our label/tag material options beautifully, so there’s no need to worry about compatibility issues when choosing between them.


Our customers have made it clear that they need a label printer for their cables and wires. We heard you, so we created the Lucas LabelBug ELEC to help make your labelling job easier! It’s fast, easy-to-use free software makes designing labels simple, with tons of templates available right out of the box. With high-speed printing capabilities at an affordable price point, this is one purchase you won’t regret making when labelling all those wires around your industrial space. Note that the ELEC variation of the printer is primarily used in electrical industries.


The LABELBUG-PRO is an Industrial desktop label Printer perfect for in-house labelling and cable marking tasks. With this versatile printer, you can print various labels, and diecuts with high-quality prints on pipe markers, CE certificates of conformity stickers, barcodes, health & safety signs or asset tags – the list goes on! The LABELBUG’s 200 DPI print head ensures your printing has a top-notch finish when it comes to precision details such as small text size or logo printing. It uses either thermal transfer (TTR) or direct thermal technology(DT) technology.

What’s included with label printers? 

  • Free Software
  • Templates
  • Free clip art gallery for symbols

You can order Lucas LabelBug printer consumables online, and we will deliver them within 48 hours.

Our stock of Lucas LabelBug printers consumables

  • Printable White Shrink Tubings
  • Premium Black Resin RibbonS
  • Label
  • Die-cut labels
  • Hazard triangle stickers on a roll
  • Printable vinyl labels

Why Choose Lucas?

Our Cable Label Printers printers allow our customers to create lasting impressions on the label material. The LabelBug printers are compact, high-speed label printers that can also print industrial vinyl labels, Panel Test labels and Hazard triangle labels. The printers are tried and tested, easy to use and economical. Order from the page and secure your company an asset that introduces seamlessness to the labelling process.

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