SMS-R1 HT700 High Tack Vinyl Tape

Our HT700 high-tack vinyl is a fully conformable and durable type of vinyl sticker roll that is exceptionally sticky and adhesive. This type of high-tack vinyl means that it adheres to most surfaces, even the majority of difficult surfaces, and it has a small amount of stretch as well.

Depending on what your business does and what application you need to print stickers off for, HT700 might be a necessary option for you to choose, especially if you have tried out lower-tack varieties in the past and found them to be unreliable.

Whether you are labelling equipment, signage, materials in your warehouse or otherwise, if exceptionally sticky and permanent vinyls are required, the HT700 is a great option for getting your message to stick.

It’s an exceptionally durable, long-lasting material that can be applied to almost any surface and the high adhesive strength and durability makes it very versatile for indoor use. If you are looking for a vinyl that is ideal for outdoor use, consider our ST700 alternative.

Perfect for lightly oiled surfaces, concrete, wood and low-energy plastic

High-tack vinyl is a type of self-adhesive vinyl that has a higher tack than standard, matte vinyls. This enables the material to be applied to a variety of surfaces and remain in place through all kinds of weather and temperature conditions.

Some difficult surfaces that you might have overlooked as targets include low-energy plastic, concrete, unpolished wood, and lightly oiled surfaces, which generally don’t offer much in the name of traction.

High-tack vinyl is great for curved surfaces

Our high-tack vinyl is also perfect for use on curved surfaces, or on surfaces that are not completely flat, such as pipes or tubes that need to be marked for safety compliance.

The main benefits of high tack vinyl are that above all else it adheres to most surfaces and that it has a small amount of stretch, so is pliable to fit around those tricky targets.

High-tack vinyl is available in a range of colours

We supply our HT700 high-tack vinyl rolls in a variety of sizes and colours, as follows:

HT700 widths available (check your printing systems for suitability)

15mm | 25mm | 30mm | 60mm | 100mm | 150mm | 220mm

HT700 colours available

White | Transparent | Yellow | Grey | Black | Orange | Purple | Red | Pink | Blue | Green | Pipe Marker Blue | Pipe Marker Green | Light Brown | Brown | Pipe marker Brown

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