Water valve tags

If you need a valve tag for water pipes, Lucas Products & Services is your one-stop shop. All valve tags adhere to all applicable UK and EU standards.

Whether you’re laying new pipes or updating an old system, it’s important to have everything planned. You need to know:

  • The location of all pipes running through the facility
  • What each pipe is used to transport
  • How each pipe needs to be labelled (take a look at our pipe marking guide for more information)
  • How easy it is to access each pipe
  • The length of each pipe

The planning process usually forms the bulk of the work; there can be a degree of manual labour involved when it comes to applying each label and tag, however with good planning and preparation it’s more a case of time rather than difficulty.

How to label water pipes

Water pipes must be labelled every 50 feet (15m) so before getting started, you’ll need enough water pipe labels to meet this requirement for all water pipes in the facility. We recommend using valve tags connected to the pipe via ball chains, to reduce or eliminate the need to clean the pipe surface. Our valve tags are made from stainless steel or traffolyte – both materials are chosen for their strength, durability and resistance to a wide range of temperatures. Valve tags are available in a small, large or custom quantity, making bulk purchases affordable, no matter how large the property or facility.

Each valve tag is laser engraved for accuracy and quality. Various shapes and sizes are available depending on how much information each tag needs to contain. For this reason, a variety of tags is often used throughout the premises.

Our engraved tags can easily be attached to valves, clearly indicating safety information and other details is required. They are often used in conjunction with pipe markers that can be stuck to or wrapped around the pipe.

Water pipes should be labelled as follows:

  • Every 50 feet (15m) along the pipe length with a wrap around or stick on pipe markers
  • Identified on each valve tag via the identification number
  • Each valve should be numbered in accordance with the facility pipe diagram

Uses for water valve tags

Proper valve labelling is essential for the safety of a facility. They should be clearly placed where they are visible to everyone. Critically, they should also be attached to any part of the valve that is required for normal operational use or testing, or any parts that can be removed (such as a handwheel).

Each valve tag should include the valve number and pipe identification code. We offer sequentially numbered tags for easy valve marking and blank tags are also available to customise your own.

Valve tags can be attached with a ball chain, or other tag fixing such as stainless steel wire.

Correct Water Valve Tag Placement

Valve tags should typically be placed where any of the following apply:

  • Directional changes
  • Entry points through floors and walls
  • Next to all valves and flanges
  • At 50 foot (15m intervals) along straight lengths of pipe
  • To indicate the type of water being transported (e.g hot, cold, foul)

The correct identification and labelling of pipes and valves is essential for the safety of a facility. Our range of valve tags, fixings and pipe marker labels provide everything you need to ensure your property is safe and compliant with applicable standards and guidelines.

If you need any more information about custom orders or the correct tags to choose, our team are more than happy to guide you. Give us a call or get in touch via our contact team.

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