Stainless Steel Sequence Numbered Tags

“Our Sequentially Numbered Stainless Steel Tags help you remain organised.”

No one wants to lose track of their valuable assets or equipment, and Lucas Products and Services understands this. Our Stainless Steel Sequence Numbered Tags will help you label them in style while keeping an organised inventory at an incredibly fair price! Each order features 25 sequentially numbered tags.

Our metal tags are manufactured from premium 316 stainless steel. We then leverage the use of the latest in laser engraving technologies to give you long-lasting number tags. You can get these Stainless Steel Tags engraved numbers from 1 to 500 in increments of 25. This 25-pack, the cost-effective bundled approach ensures that you get all the details right even as you customise your bulk orders. 


  • Sequential format 
  • High-quality materials 
  • Variable numbers  

Why Choose Our Stainless Steel Numbered Tags? 

They Come in a Sequential Format   

Keeping track of products, equipment, and other business-critical assets seems great on paper. But, the practical/physical application of such tasks can be nightmarish at times. This is where our engraved numbered tags come into play.

Our engraved number tags come in batches of 25, and customers can further customise the tag with text or a company logo. We also do loads of quality checking before shipping, which ensures that the tags present your details in sequential order. Try our product today- it works wonders with your inventory system.   

Manufactured from High-Quality Materials 

Lucas Products bond of trust is enhanced by the way we source our materials. These Steel Numbered Tags are made from grade 316 stainless steel tags- the best in class! This material additionally features a chromium plating that adds lustre and durability to the final product. 

Now, add some laser engraving, and hardly anything comes close to the quality of these engraved metal tags.  

They Offer a Variation of Numbers 

Sometimes your inventory process may not require a one size fits all approach. For instance, you may have different categories of inventory or would prefer skipping certain numbers. Here’s where Lucas products laser engraving set’s itself apart from block printing/punching alternatives. We will help you create whatever numbering format you want within the same order- even numbers, odd numbers, multiples of 10, alphabetised; the choice is yours.

Numbered Stainless Steel Tags- Areas of application 

Every enterprise, big or small, needs a dependable way of checking if its physical assets match its digital or paper records. Our Stainless Steel Numbered Tags offer you a straightforward approach to this thankless task. 

These tags can be used in identifying various: 

  • Lockers
  • Various tools and work gear 
  • Telephone poles and other utility assets 
  • Employees of various job descriptions 
  • Pets, livestock and other animals in your care
  • Furniture and computer hardware 
  • Industrial and commercial products 
  • Shipping products to various customers  

Lucas Products and services 

Lucas Products and Services brings you tag solutions manufactured using the best-in-class materials, be it steel, brass, traffolyte, aluminium, name it. When it comes to metal tags, brass and stainless steel tags are customer-favourites. We leverage our cutting-edge laser etching and engraving technology to bring you durable labelling solutions and have the best prices in the market.

Call us today for a price quotation. Alternatively, get shopping on the site for our state-of-the-art numbered steel tags, proceed to check out once your tags are securely in the cart and await our speedy delivery. Our customer service team is also available to sort out any queries you might have.

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