Stainless Steel Metal Tags

We engrave only high-quality Grade 316 Stainless Steel Tags to match your requirements to the most intricate details of your specification. We leverage the latest laser engraving technology, thereby facilitating a speedy turnaround. Whether you have an extensive project or are looking to make a small quantity order, we are ready to help. We guarantee our clients fast and efficient services, ensuring that you get precisely what you want and within your specified timeline.  

Industrial Metal Tags

Stainless steel tags are the most durable tags for industrial application requirements. Formed as an alloy of iron and carbon, stainless steel is twice as hard as brass and three to four times as hard as aluminium. Therefore, stainless steel tags are durable and resistant to damage and abrasion resulting from rough handling or extreme weather conditions. Moreover, stainless steel tags are resistant to corrosion from a variety of abrasives such as strong acids, alkaline materials and saltwater marine conditions. They are also capable of handling extreme temperatures of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Use Engraved Stainless Steel Tags 

At Lucas, we use fibre laser engraving machines to provide you with long-lasting etch results. We can engrave barcodes, serialised numbers, names, sequential numbering and logos on your stainless steel tags. Our highly skilled and experienced engravers also mechanically engrave text onto stainless steel by creating a deep cut into the stainless steel product, which can then be filled with paint. Ultimately, our attention to details is what keeps the clients coming back and giving our business high recommendation. 

Our laser and mechanically engraved stainless steel create permanent crystal clear markings guaranteed to stand the test of time. The markings are resistant to extreme environments and can be used in both outdoor and indoor environments. Engraved stainless steel tags are often used in industrial labelling, thanks to their resistance to excessively high or low temperatures. As such, they have a wide range of applications in industrial labelling, including valve tags, name plates, asset tags, cable tags, equipment labels, cable tags etc. 

In addition, we provide engraved stainless steel nameplates that can be used in an extensive range of applications, including door plates, etched memorial plaques, engraved bespoke pieces, office nameplates and other products that require durable, laser engraved labels. 

Lucas laser engraved stainless steel tags are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We can supply you with circular, valve, square and rectangular tags as well as nameplates and cable markers. The metal tags, plates and markers can be custom engraved as per your specification. 

In addition to being cost-effective, Lucas custom engraved stainless steel tags are highly durable and can be used for a broad spectrum of industrial settings. What’s more, they are maintenance-free, and you can be sure that the permanent crystal-clear markings of text will stand the test of time. We have perfected the art of engraving stainless steel tags and pride ourselves in our attention to detail, high quality and speedy turnaround on orders. 

Why Choose Engraved Stainless Steel Tags?

Depending on the use case in mind, many factors lead our clients to choose engraved stainless steel tags over other tags such as brass or traffolyte tags. Some factors that make stainless steel tags more preferable include: 


Stainless steel tags are the most durable metal tags you can ever manufacture. They are corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures synonymous with industrial environments. The durability of stainless steel tags can assist industries in averting costly accidents by ensuring all potentially hazardous materials are clearly and permanently marked following set standards. 


Despite their higher initial cost, stainless steel tags are highly economical and considerably the safest. In addition to being highly durable, stainless steel tags are environmentally friendly with a higher grade of mechanical strength. The markings on the stainless steel tags can stand the test of time and require no maintenance translating to cost-effectiveness.   

Permanent crystal-clear markings

When laser engraved, the engraving colour is black in contrast to the silver surface of the stainless steel, thus making for a beautiful finish of the product. This quality also makes the material perfect for a lot of jewellery makers. As such, the laser marking is highly visible, including from a distance, and the text or image engraved is permanent.

Where to Use Stainless Steel Tags

Industrial Application 

Stainless steel tags have a wide range of industrial applications thanks to their high durability. They are incredibly durable, with a higher degree of mechanical strength and dimensional accuracy. Besides that, they have more significant heat and UV resistance with a lower thermal expansion rate. With such properties, the tags don’t crack, break or melt in extreme industrial conditions, making the best business case for their initial high price. 

Stainless steel tags can be used in various industries, including but not limited to aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, food & beverage, marine, security and quality control. 


Stainless steel tags can be used in identification and tracking labels. These tags are highly durable and can be used both in indoor and outdoor environments to provide long-lasting labelling solutions. Besides, stainless steel tags can be serialised, making the inventory-taking process more efficient and less time-consuming. 

The different types of identification tags that can be made from stainless steel include: 

  • Telephone pole tags 
  • Asset identification tags 
  • Inventory management tags 
  • Valve tags 
  • Superelevation tags 
  • Barcode tags 
  • Numbered tags 
  • Locker tags 
  • Machinery tags 
  • Automotive tags
  • Nameplates and many more. 

Why Lucas products and services

Lucas Products covers your brass tags, stainless steel tags and plastic tag needs.  Our laser engraving ensures longevity of the markings on your stainless steel tag. Our metal tags are made of high-quality stainless steel that can withstand extremely harsh working environments, giving your business the most reliable identification tools.

Why Choose Lucas Products & Services UK

Lucas Products and Services UK has been providing customers with high-quality stainless-steel tags for a little over 20 years. We engrave only quality grade 316 stainless steel to a matte or brushed steel finish. We laser mark text and imagery onto stainless steel using the latest technology, allowing for precise detail in permanent markings and speedy turnaround on orders. Our stainless steel tags are incredibly durable, weather-resistant and can be used in industrial environments both indoors and outdoors, facilitating a variety of use cases.

Lucas stainless steel tags are rugged and maintenance-free. We achieve a high level of detail and offer the option to customise your label as required. We have perfected our process, and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and speed. Notably, our price structure accommodates one line of text on each tag. So go ahead and order your engraved stainless steel tags today from our site for a fast shipping and delivery experience and experience premium quality. 

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