Pre-Defined Numbered Tag Packs

Make the process of tracking all parts in a system easy and satisfying! With our numbered tag packss, you can identify your important items with ease. Our numbered valve tags are manufactured from high quality coloured traffolyte. This approach to manufacturing makes them ideal for use in the harshest of commercial and industrial applications.

These predefined numbered tags are available in stock in a variety of coloured packs. However, Lucas also gives customers the option to customise the tags to their specification. The pre-bundled products are available at budget prices, which makes them a customer-favourite in labelling sequenced items. Lucas Products’ online platform allows you to order batches that range from 1 to 500. Send us your order requirements, and let Lucas Products’ skilled artisans and sales team handle the rest. 

Why Choose Our Numbered Valve Tags? 

They Come With Predefined Numbers 

You can order our numbered tags in various sets of predefined laser etched numbers. Such combinations include 1 -25, 1 -50, 1 -75, 1 -100, 1 -150, and 1 -500. This configuration makes placing your order a stress-free affair.  

They Feature Attractive Colours  

Lucas products numbered tags come in an assortment of attractive colours that make identifying or locating various assets seamless for parties involved. They feature background colours such as white, black, red, blue, green, purple, yellow and silver. You can then proceed to select text/foreground colours such as red, blue, white and black.

So feel free to explore our website before deciding what works for your business.   

They Are Highly Durable 

These custom valve tags feature an infusion of traffolyte plastic. This material is manufactured to withstand chemical, UV light, water and exposure to various natural and industrial elements. To top it off, they feature a dual-layer of plastic. This preserves the lustre and integrity of your custom valve tags for years to come.  

They Come In Assorted Value Packs 

You won’t only get the chance to select your preferred number sequence or colour when placing an order; you also get to choose from different sizes. The sizing options available range from 25 mm to 100 mm with increments of +/- 5 or 10. 

These features ensure that you settle on a size that fits the numbered tags’ intended purpose.   

They Are Easy To Attach 

Numbered valve tags are easy to attach to various assets and surfaces. Each tag includes a punctured hole with a ball chain, so you can simply hang them to whatever asset you wish to label. The ball chains are automatically included in your shopping cart when you add your preferred valve tags at no extra cost. 

Numbered Valve Tags-Areas of Application 

Our numbered valve tags have a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Their light material construction and durability make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in handy if your company needs to keep track of sequenced items. 

With a little imagination, we’re sure you could find loads of practical applications for our high-quality valve tags

Related Lucas Products and Services 

Lucas Products offers our customers a range of label options, including brass tags, valve tags, engraved steel tags, aluminium tags etc., depending on your requirements. While asset tags keep track of property with their scannable barcodes, numbered valve tags are practical in denoting items that fall in a sequence or those that need quickly locating.

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