Custom Valve Tags

Lucas Products UK’s reputation for providing bespoke stainless steel tags is second to none. Our laser engraved stainless steel tags can withstand the harshest conditions, so even the most challenging environments won’t tarnish their quality. That’s why many companies all over the UK use our custom laser engraved stainless steel tags for a wide range of industrial applications.  

Order and customise your stainless-steel tags with added ease online today. All you need to do is send us the desired text data or upload your logo image to the Product Customisation tab before adding your product to the cart. Our skilled artisans use laser engraving to ensure we get even the minutest of details right.


  • Durability  
  • Bespoke (Custom-made) 
  • Tarnish resistance 
  • Tamper proof

Why Choose Our Custom Engraved Valve Tags?

They Are Highly Durable   

Custom stainless steel tags offer your company the best way to identify your assets while on transit or in storage. Lucas products uses premium 316 industrial-grade stainless steel in creating these tags. The qualities that make stainless steel durable as a metal include resistance to UV light, extreme temperatures, acids, and bases. Our artisans also use the latest in laser engraving and laser etching technologies, a 2 prong approach that ensures your texts and graphics last on these metal tags.

Bespoke To Fit All Your Needs 

Most generic tags offer you a limited range of graphics or texts finishing options. Lucas product’s Stainless steel tags allow you to be as basic or eccentric in your tagging as you want to be. Best of all, we follow your design instructions to the T. leaving nothing to chance in producing bespoke stainless tags.

They Are Tarnish Resistant  

Our stainless steel tags withstand the effects of high exposure to moisture, UV rays, heat, dust, acid, and other environmental contaminants. The material features a layer of chromium coating that also makes them resistant to various forces that cause abrasion, rust and other physical signs of damage. Our stainless steel tags will retain their lustre for years to come. 

They Are Tamper Proof  

It takes too much of an effort to deface or tamper with our custom stainless steel tags. This ensures that a barcode, tracking number or anything that’s laser engraved stays in place permanently. You can’t even refurbish or repurpose them. The only way anyone can alter our stainless steel tags is to order fresh ones from Lucas products. 


You can rely on our seasoned laser etching and laser engraving services to create bespoke labels that stand out from the rest. We custom-make tags in different sizes, shapes and designs. So, if you’re looking to secure yourself the best grade steel tags, labels or nameplates; at prices, you can’t afford to miss, then look no further than Lucas Products.    

Search for your preferred tag sizes and shapes on our site, browse through our templates for a preferred design if you have none in mind or share your specifications. If you’d like guidance on the purchase process, contact us through our lines or leave a message requesting a call back. 

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