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There is a basic need to properly mark your cables that is not given enough precedence- till you’re caught in the crosshairs. Fast-paced work-places with heavy wiring needs are ground zero for cable identification priority. Think of industries- there must be a couple of hundred different wires. The identification tags in these environments are also sensitive to the type of conditions in said spaces, as some are attached to cables running through high-UV exposed spaces, extreme temperature conditions, etc., and as such must be well adaptable for such environments.

Cable markers are an indicator of a professional workspace. They save time and money during troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair, while still ensuring safety. Lucas Products offers the best deals on manufacturing and supplying high-quality cable identification tags and cable markers. Our range of cable identification tags, markers, and ties includes Zero Halogen and Flame Retardant Plastic Cable Tags, Heat Shrink Tubes, Stainless steel cable marker, and PAT Test labels.

Our Cable Markers and Cable Identification Tags

Other accessories

  • Labelbug label printer
  • Printable white shrink tubes
  • Premium black ribbons 
  • Labelbug Printer Cable Tag rolls

Types of cable marking 

Cable identification tags (CITs) are used to identify and organise cables in a simple and efficient fashion. With identification tags, you can quickly and easily identify cables and their functions even when they are jumbled up. These tags are very helpful for identifying cables of different lengths, multiple cable runs, and multi-connector cables. Below are some of the offerings; 

  • Heat shrink tubing/sleeves

Heat shrink tubing refers to a tight-fitting plastic sheath that is slipped over the end of a cable, then shrunk to a tight and permanent fit by blowing over it using a heat gun (or any other source of regulated heat). This solution offers the easiest application and is also extremely durable. The sheaths are resistant to heat, fire, moisture, and most chemicals. You can get the sheaths already customised with your data or use Lucas’ Labelbug electric printer to print the desired info. 

  • Stainless-steel cable markers

These are the best possible type of cable markers if you’re looking to create a permanent solution to your cable management needs. This is because they are made out of stainless steel, which is durable as it is chemical resistant, radiation resistant, fireproof, heat resistant, and can withstand any weather. They are also easy to install. We use laser technology to mark crucial information to the tags directly, and the information stays legible for a long time. 

  •  Pat Test Labels. 

Our Pat Test Labels are both weatherproof and waterproof. They are also extra tough with non-rip ability, eco-friendly, and are easily recyclable. They have a matt finish that is easy to write on and a very strong adhesive. 

  • Zero Halogen and Flame Retardant Cable Tags

This is a cable marking option that is best used with electric cables as it is made of zero halogen material (LSZH) that is both flame retardant and hydrolysis resistant. These high-quality, tear-proof cable markers have a stable print quality, thus are ideal for permanent markings. This tag comes in a standard white or yellow colour option.

Choosing a cable label

Lucas Cable Markers and Tags are used in various industries, including power stations, petrochemical mining construction offshore oil & gas. Whichever the industry Lucas has your back with custom printed markers that will enhance safety while simplifying identification! They specialise in producing different kinds of tags and markers to suit any company’s needs no matter what they may be looking for when it comes to identity markings. So whether you need a waterproof cable marker or an electrical safety tag, don’t worry because we’ve gotcha covered!

Scan through our categories of marking material. Once you’ve settled on a tag that fits your brand needs, contact us for a free quotation, or proceed to add your items to the shopping cart, where the system will generate a quotation of the price. We also offer settings that allow you to customise the finishing to fit your brand. Once the order is processed, we will ensure to deliver your products in amazing turn-around time.

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